February 14, 2015

Moose Nanaicecream

I have fallen in love with Nanaicecream lately ever since I discovered it on Instagram! The fact that you can make ice cream out of bananas is pretty spectacular :) And you can add just about anything you want to it!

This creation I named "Moose Nanaicecream" because it is made with maple, espresso and chocolate chunks. It's the perfect afternoon treat, when you need some sugar and/or caffeine to get you through the last few hours of work :)

1.5 frozen bananas
1 espresso
2 tbsp maple syrup
a handful of dark chocolate chunks

Mix banana, espresso and syrup in a food processor until smooth. Serve with chocolate on the top & bottom! Enjoy!


German recipe:

1,5 gefrorene Bananen
1 Espresso
2 EL Ahornsirup
Handvoll gehackte dunkle Schoki

Alles au├čer Schoki in einem Mixer zerkleinern, bis es cremig ist. Dann mit Schokostreuseln darauf und darunter servieren! :)

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